About Us

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of homebuilding craftsmanship. Our attention to detail is unparalleled in today's market.

We believe in taking the time to apply our craftsmanship at every stage of the homebuilding process. Right from the start, thorough planning and design set the groundwork for a home that will be a treasure for generations. We maintain our rigorous standards throughout the process by using only well-vetted and highly skilled subcontractors and then diligently monitoring all ongoing work.

The same principles of craftsmanship are applied to the management of every project, so that all ongoing work is properly managed and scheduled, communication with our clients is timely and projects progress smoothly and trouble-free.

Our work is unrivalled for successfully bringing together all the components of building a home – from design and construction to taking care of every one of your concerns – so that we can say with confidence: we are Peerless.

Our Promise

Through our experience and our drive to deliver only the best, we're confident in promising you a home that you'll love, down to even the smallest of details. We are thorough at every stage so that you’ll have no issues or concerns in the end.

Our team

  • Darel Pennings

    Project Manager

  • Lindsay Pennings


  • Nathan Pennings

    Site Supervisor

Service Area

Working across the Golden Horseshoe in Ancaster, West Flamborough, Carlisle, Kilbride, Mississauga. The majority of our work is in the Halton Region.

Our History

Our appreciation for strong foundations began with owner Darel Pennings’ early work with Rockton concrete forming company, Calibre Concrete (formerly JCF). His homebuilding experience later broadened with a well-established major renovation company in Burlington, where he managed additions and home construction projects from start to finish. In 2011, Darel started Peerless, doing a full range of residential projects from the start – from bathrooms and windows to decks and garages.

Today, with their expertise in both small and large residential projects, and particularly the demands of the luxury, highly detailed projects, Peerless is a fine homebuilding contractor that never fails to get the highest commendations.

What our customers are saying…

  • Peerless is the way to go for complete satisfaction. Professional and passionate is apparent in everything they do. Wouldn't dream of using anyone else. Well done Darel, your talent is well appreciated here in Oakvillle. 10 out of 10!!!!!

    Pam Blanchard


  • You and your crew acted with the highest level of professionalism, not only completing the job on time but also maintaining the highest levels of quality while doing the work. I know this project was very short notice and an extremely tight time frame but you rose to the challenge and exceeded our expectations.



  • We are delighted with the results and you have impressed us with your ability to do both outside, heavy construction work and detailed interior work.

    You seem to have access to excellent tradesman who, like you, conduct themselves in a very professional manner. They are polite, conscientious and mature in their approach.

    However, it is your work specifically that we are so happy with. You did a lot of planning before you acted and your attention to detail is commendable. You are a problem solver and you seem to approach a task with plenty of forethought. Your follow-up was, at times, surprising; you didn't forget anything that was discussed no matter how small in detail. We felt that you were in control and could be trusted to finish the job both in a timely and in a neat and tidy way.

    Rick New


  • The skill, craftsmanship and professionalism of Peerless was beyond our already high expectations. The biggest thing in our major renovation was Darel's practical design advice because we had some tricky issues to resolve in the very old part of our house. The advice was followed by meticulous execution and we are thrilled with the result. Peerless was recommended to us by friends, and we now recommend them to anyone looking for very high quality advice, guidance and workmanship.

    Geoff Godard


  • Peerless is amazing! My husband and I were impressed over and over again by their expertise, efficiency, and professionalism. We had them build an addition over our garage and even the building inspector raved at how well it was built. They are SO good at what they do! They are remarkably fast, and as far as timelines go, we were amazed at how Darel was able to project a timeline and how Nate and Matt were able to perform and complete everything perfectly on time (unbelievably fast and extremely well!) Even though they ran into a major roadblock, they worked longer hours and somehow the project still finished on time. There is no one I would rather trust with my home than Peerless. They went above and beyond our expectations - thanks so much again, guys!

    Carole Van Dyk